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Sobriety, transparency, purity, to delve to the heart of human beings and allow emotion to spring forth. Working closely with model agencies on the Côte d’Azur and elsewhere, he creates images of living things. Portraits fashioned by soft lighting, in colour or black-and-white, indoors or out. His most successful projects result from the precise gestures of his models and his innate sense of human contact.

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A new look at urban reality, re-invented every day. To share an up-beat, sculpted view of cities, Loïc Thebaud captures the energy of the Côte d’Azur by staying close to the surface of its scenery. The photographer captures precious instants to give life to sensitive and inspired images. A showcase for decoration, gastronomy, culture, design… the guides of Les Editions Tendance are unlike any others.


Two streets back from the sea, it is a studio with a past. For taking fashion photos, packshots, images of products…, its location at the heart of the Golden Square of fashion in the town centre is ideal. Fully equipped with Prophoto lighting, the studio of 50 m2 with a make-up table, changing room and fitted kitchen is an exclusive place at the service of communication via images and advertising.


He shares out his activity between fashion photos, portraits, photo-reportage, advertising, web and printed communication. After completing his studies in photography in Paris, the Côte d’Azur stretched out its arms to him. A professional choice, a philosophy about living a certain life-style with on-going curiosity. Textiles, fashion, home decor, studio shoots of products, packshots, city life… Exploration which is always creative, expertise that is highly disciplined.